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We empower retailers to customize local advertising
We empower distributors to control pricing
We empower global brands to communicate their neighborhood message
We empower stores with the omnichannel marketing platform
We empower retailers to promote their tailored assortment

Global Scale, Neighborhood Focus

Global brands, national wholesalers, and independent retailers have relied on eCom and the OmniStudio platform to improve customer engagement and impact the bottom line.

What We Do

How We Do It

OmniStudio is the single source to create once,
customize for all, connect with customers on every channel, and repeat the success.


Images & Descriptions
Configurable DAM
Creative Assets
Pricing & Data


Develop Custom Ads
Single Entry Deliverable
Web Based Platform
Builds Ad from Data (BAD)


Printed Marketing
Website/Banner Ad
Email/Social Media


New Customer Engagement
Increased Sales & Profits
eCommerce & Loyalty
Data & Analytics

How We Do It

provides the solutions

OmniStudio provides all your organization’s needs in a single platform
without extra time, cost, or resources of traditional individual programs.

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Provides Unmatched ROI

Provides Unmatched ROI


  • Images & descriptions
  • Configurable DAM
  • Creative
  • Pricing and data

OmniStudio is an enterprise-level solution with robust features starting with storing, managing, editing and providing access to digital content with ease.

Images & Descriptions: OmniStudio provide a platform to house all of your digital content, including product images and information, in one location for easy access. Use this information to create custom content, ads, and promotions to deliver to your customers through OmniStudio. Save and manage multiple images for each item in your library or catalog. Don’t have a library of images and information? We can provide that for you. Whatever your needs, we have a solution.

Configurable DAM: Allows you to provide and manage access to your content. Employees, retailers, vendors, manufacturers, and others all have unique data needs. OmniStudio lets you control the process, including an upload interface to allow easy access to add images and content. OmniStudio’s DAM can be segmented off to offer individual, custom DAMs to retailers, vendors, and manufacturers, allowing each to manage content which also feeds into your program. You control access, rules, customization, and administration based on your unique business needs.

Creative Assets: All of your custom creative for print, social, digital, web, and more is stored in OmniStudio. Coupled with your digital content, users can access and create everything they need to promote their business within one easy-to-use program. This enables you and your staff to have one global destination to store and access all creative designs, templates, and content. Whether working from home, office, or anywhere around the globe, it’s all in one location and available 24/7 to all audiences under your administrative control.

Pricing & Data: All information related to a product or service can be stored and accessed through OmniStudio. MAP pricing, SKU, UPC, catalog or ad descriptions, and more can be associated and managed through OmniStudio providing a complete item and data management system for your organization.


  • Develop Custom Ads
  • Single Entry Deliverable
  • Web-Based Platform
  • Building Ads from Data (BAD)

Creating communication materials can be difficult, expensive, and time consuming. And effectively localizing that message to reflect each retailer’s offers and services in one platform is impossible. Until now! OmniStudio makes it easy to create and manage local promotions and messaging. Through the easy point-and-click interface, users (administrators, retailers, vendors, manufacturers) create any type of print and electronic ads for every audience. OmniStudio empowers individual users, retailers, or corporate administrator, to create, customize, and manage fully customized ads, promotions, communications through a web-based interface anywhere in the world in minutes. OmniStudio further automates creation by building and customizing communication materials through connecting to a data source, or by uploading a spreadsheet of information. Thousands of flyers, signs, web ads, social posts, and more are automatically created for each locale in just minutes.

Develop Custom Ads: OmniStudio robust, full featured flagship program used to customize, create, print, and manage your advertisements. Point and click your way to professional ads in just minutes. Circulars, flyers, brochures, catalogs, order guides, coupons, signage, POP materials, banners… any printed items.

Single Entry Deliverable: Create signs and POP materials of all kinds by choosing products from a database, uploading your own images and information or uploading a spreadsheet to create thousands of signs at one time.

Building Ads from Data (BAD): Develop, schedule, and post timely information to social media platforms that motivate customers and get attention. Administrators can create social post for any number of users for timely and cohesive messaging.

Web-Based Platform: Any communications can be formatted to digital and web, including digital coupons, or other electronic promotions.


  • Printed Marketing
  • Website/Banner Ad
  • Mobile/SMS
  • Email/Social Media

OmniStudio Once you have created the customized promotional campaign with single entry ease, the final deliverable can be immediately activated into all relevant consumer touch points and scheduled to align with you promotional calendar with click of button.

Printed Marketing: OmniStudio allows you to transfer your customized content to any printed advertising or store signage (including shelf tags/aisle violators) vehicles that makes sense for your business. Instant Ads allows you to create immediate promotions that can be printed at the store or local print shop.

Website/Banner Ad: Immediately or schedule promotional content to your stores website, in-store kiosk, and activate banner ads communicating prioritized deals.

Mobile/SMS: OmniStudio schedules with your Mobile SMS promotional partner to ensure that communication is sent to key consumers when weekly campaign goes live. Don’t have a mobile/SMS partner? No problem we can manage through our partner service.

Email/Social Media: Consumer social connectivity is critical to managing relationships to your market. We transfer and launch social updates of promotions on the times you schedule to go live. Email campaigns to targeted consumers are ready to go when you are.


  • New Customer Engagement
  • Increased Sales & Profits
  • Data & Analytics
  • eCommerce & Loyalty

The cycle is completed as OmniStudio helps you capture new customers, eCommerce orders, customer loyalty, and ongoing consumer connectivity. eCom’s sole purpose is to provide platforms, programs and services to increase your sales and profits. For over 20 years, we’ve done just that, all while saving time and money. With data and analytics captured at every stage, and data feeds to connect further to your other business programs (POS, loyalty programs, etc.) OmniStudio provides the platform for all your print and digital promotions and communications.

New Customer Engagement: At the heart of OmniStudio is reaching new customers and creating sales opportunities. Through creating and connecting with customers, new opportunities are captured. Whether brick-and-mortar locations or online entailing, OmniStudio engages new customers, connects with current customers, and helps you grow your business.

Increased Sales & Profits: If you’re not connecting with new and current customers at every level, you’re not maximizing your sales and profit potential. OmniStudio is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to canvas your community and connect with customers to make the most profit possible.

Data & Analytics: Use OmniStudio and get the most out of your data and information. Understanding where your sales are generated, where the response is coming from, and which channel is most effective lets you maximize your promotional investment.

eCommerce & Loyalty: OmniStudio lets you create and deliver your messages to audiences throughout the marketplace where they live, creating opportunities to leverage existing eCommerce platforms or to create new ones.

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