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In the mid 90’s, eComSystems was a traditional advertising and promotions agency, working with some of the country’s largest and most successful corporations. In 1998, eCom recognized a need for technology to provide automation, efficiency, and cost savings.

eCom set out to design an advertising system so that advertisers could customize and localize messaging about their products and services, to create and deliver promotions to their customers, and to connect with their community in a fraction of the time and at a reduced expense.

eCom developed and launched its inaugural product in 2001, utilizing the internet as a delivery platform for their suite of proprietary advertising software services. This groundbreaking technology pioneered SaaS (software as a service). Years later, eCom introduced AdStudio, the evolution of advertising technology.

Today, with 11 patents, eCom’s OmniStudio™ program provides organizations of all kinds with the ability to quickly and easily create and deliver localized messaging, promotions, and information to any audience, through print, digital, social, web, email, mobile, and other methods. Thousands of retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers utilize eCom’s products and services to improve customer connectivity, increase sales, and save time and money.

In addition to OmniStudio, eCom develops programs and services specific to client needs, assisting with connecting systems, databases, and data transfer to increase efficiency and ease of doing business. Each year, eCom saves customers millions of dollars and thousands of hours. Contact us today to learn more about what eCom can do for you!

What are values? They’re our principles or standards; our judgment of what is truly important. Out values are the foundation for all we do. But unfortunately, they’re conspicuously absent in today’s business discussions. Why? Because it seems that the only corporate value is the bottom line, and most organizations will do whatever it takes to make money. At eCom, sure we care about finances and operate a profitable company. But, there are a few other values that truly motivate us.  We strive to do business the right way – hard work, honesty and integrity. Our “yes” is “yes” and our “no” is “no”. With eCom, there’s no bait and switch; no pulling the rug out from underneath you. Our word is our bond. That’s so important to know when you’re changing systems, approving budgets and implementing new processes. Relationships are also at the heart of everything we do. We actually care about people and want to see them succeed. Every business is made up of people with careers, goals and families. Getting to know people, their business objectives, and daily challenges, helps us think outside the box and suggest do-able solutions. We’re fulfilled by solving problems and making life easier for everyone. That’s what has driven us to create better ways of doing business since 1983. We prefer to be a partner, not just a vendor, with our customers. Our partnerships have stood the test of time – most of our clients have been with us for many years; some even decades. Our relationships include fortune 500 companies and small independent businesses spanning many vertical markets. Whatever the size and scope of your business, eCom looks forward to partnering with you!

No company can be all things to all people. As a technology company, inventing software solutions lends itself to go in many directions. But we’ve learned to operate in our sweet spot. Nearly 20 years ago, Purina Mills came to us with a problem. We built a solution. It revolutionized the way businesses advertise. Fast forward to today. We’ve invented many additional solutions but the core of what we do remains the same. Although our portfolio of products, services and patents has grown, we’ve never strayed from our core competency and focus. We’ve also established great partnerships with industry relationships. We have chosen to integrate with others to enhance what we do – experts in printing, direct mail and email marketing – and to bring you a holistic solution. Who do we focus on? Although anyone can use our software, we primarily focus on helping independent retailers, distributors and manufacturers. Our proprietary inventions primarily support advertising, marketing and data collection solutions, but we do so much more. Through the years, our focus has been offering great solutions to great partners who desire to become more efficient and profitable.    

Before we were us, we were you! Before eCom began developing proprietary technology, we ran other businesses – an international manufacturing company, ad agencies, a large food service organization, and a national promotions and sports marketing company. We understand running your day-to-day business and the challenges associated with communicating your unique products and services. That experience has helped eCom see it from your seat and made us the market leader in advertising technology. Our long-term relationships extend well beyond just providing advertising and marketing programs. In most cases, we become one of you. We offer direct support services including product demonstrations, trades show and industry event attendance, training and seminars, internal event support and business consulting. Whether directly answering your help desk or wearing your trade show badge, eCom offers many personal ways to support your organization. Our people make the difference.  From our CEO to our developers and Client Services Representatives, we have years of experiences. Our employees are seasoned professionals in software development, advertising, marketing, graphics and customer service.  Many of our employees have been with eCom for over a decade – several for over 20 years! We hire the best and have created a family atmosphere that is second to none. eCom’s experienced, dedicated, long-term employees truly care for our customers.